#110 3g

Super Glue

Alteco Super Glue is an easy to use, quick cure and high strength adhesive. It is suitable for a wide variety of household usage. These include bonding of metal, plastic, rubber, wood, etc., materials with porous or vertical surfaces and other general applications.

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3 Ton Quick Epoxy 56.7g


Alteco Epoxy is formulated for users who require high strength, durable and waterproof finishing after curing. This range is specifically formulated for household and industrial users with varying requirements. Good resistance to acid, alkali, oil, solvent and chemicals. Non-flammable and non- shrinking. Can be filed, ground and drilled after being cured.

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Epo Putty 100g

A+B Epo Putty

Alteco A+B Epo Putty is a clay type two-part epoxy adhesive for use on concrete, fibreglass, metal, PVC, plastic, wood, etc. It will not sag, run or drip. It can be drilled, ground, filed and painted after being cured. It is resistant to most chemicals and water.

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Modified Silicone Pro 10g

Modified Silicone

Alteco MS Pro is a quick curing and clear elastic adhesive that does not have solvent, odour and is ecologically friendly. It is resistant to water, heat and weather.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Can repair/bond most materials such as concrete, ceramics, tile, wood, leather, glass, rubber and metal except PE, PP and PTPE..

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Glue Sticks Group

Glue Stick

Alteco Glue Stick is strong, fast-drying PVP based general-purpose adhesive. Suitable for paper, fabrics, photo, cardboard and other lightweight items application. Ideal for school and office use. It is washable by water. The non-toxic and solvent-free formula is safe for use by children and conforms to EN71-3 & ASTM D4236. It is also acid-free, so it will not turn yellow with age.

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Opp Tape - Acrylic base


Coming soon

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