About Us

Our Network

Over the years, we have established an international network with various affiliated establishments worldwide. We have our parent company Alteco Inc. in Japan, our subsidiaries PT Alteco Chemical Indonesia in Indonesia, Alteco Technology (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. in China, Alteco USA, Inc. in USA and Alteco Ghana Ltd in Ghana. We have our affiliated company Alpha Techno Inc. in South Korea. Together, we have developed a team of global R&D and production specialists.

To cater to the ever-increasing demands of our customers, Wuxi Alteco Co., Ltd in China and Alteco Asiafri Ghana Ltd in Ghana were established to provide a wide range of trading products (non-Alteco manufactured) and consultancy service to clients worldwide.

Our Network Map

Please explore our interactive Alteco network map below, and click on the respective company names to see the locations of our various affiliates and subsidiaries.