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ALTECO: Global Expansion Through Adhesive Solutions

“ALTECO’s success can be attributed to our frontier spirit and our ability to overcome challenges. “ ~ Reo Tanaka, President, ALTECO Inc.

In the world of adhesives, ALTECO emerges as a global force, pioneering innovation and expanding horizons.

As it navigates new challenges and opportunities, adhesive company ALTECO is focused on expanding its presence overseas and also targeting products tailored for the electric vehicle (EV) market.

“Despite being an SME, ALTECO Group has vast experience in establishing physical operations in many countries, including Japan, the U.S.A., Singapore, China, Indonesia, Korea and Ghana. ALTECO Chemical Pte. Ltd. in Singapore has been instrumental in our success in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Their natural unique expertise has facilitated our expansion and networking efforts in those regions,” says Reo Tanaka, President of ALTECO.

“Having a physical presence in these regions enhances our knowledge of their business and culture.  It gives us direct access to end-users and allows us to speedily adjust to their needs – hence, opening up more business opportunities.”

“None of our products contain volatile organic compounds that contribute to air pollution or have harmful effects on human health,” adds Mr. Tanaka, explaining that the adhesives utilize natural elements for curing, eliminating the need for additional heat or energy. Almost all of the products are customized, especially when it comes to automotive applications that have stringent performance requirements.“

ALTECO is on track to deepen its hold in the automotive industry.  Automotive industry applications are not new to the company, having served many big names for decades, and the brand is well recognized and trusted in this industry. As the automotive industry shifts towards EVs, ALTECO has developed innovative adhesive solutions. “We can provide suitable anaerobic adhesives for motor shafts, motor cores, and so on. We believe these products will be of interest to EV manufactures,” says the president.

Additionally, ALTECO launched a new instant glue with high heat and water resistance and light-curable instant glue which cures rapidly with UV light. “One of our new products, which is two-part epoxy resin adhesive, is a heat radiation adhesive without the need for additional production equipment. It can mitigate the damage of heat, as thermography shows,” adds Mr. Tanaka.

Mr. Tanaka envisions ALTECO’s future as a versatile adhesive company catering to both consumer and industrial applications. “To achieve our goal, we must consider all options and adopt effective measures,” he concludes.

Reo Takana , President of Alteco Inc, was interviewed by Worldfolio on November 29, 2023.

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The Worldfolio: ALTECO emerges as a global force, pioneering innovation and expanding horizons

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