Established in 1989,

and innovating re-inventing ever since

Alteco Chemical Pte Ltd is a member of the Alteco Group of Companies, Japan, one of the foremost cyanoacrylate adhesives (commonly known as Super Glue) manufacturers in the world. Since our establishment in 1989, Alteco has received various awards and grants for “New & Innovative Development” from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Republic of Singapore.

Comprehensive Production Facilities

Alteco is the only fully-integrated and self-sufficient company in South-East Asia that possesses comprehensive facilities, ranging from Research & Development work, in-house printing, adhesive manufacturing, aluminium collapsible tube manufacturing to finished products using advanced Japanese technology.

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Advanced Japanese Technology Water Drop

Advanced Japanese Technology

Innovation is core pillar of Alteco culture since its inception in 1965. Constantly improving manufacturing technology and production efficiency is day to day motion of Alteco. Alteco works amongst its global R&D team to innovate new products to meet every unique demand of users, ensure the top quality in our products to meet stringent International Industrial Standards.

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Worldwide Recognised Brand

Since our inception in 1965 in Japan, our "ALTECO" brand has gained worldwide recognition through our innovations in products and services. To protect our innovations, our technology has been patented and trademarked in more than 110 countries worldwide.

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Chemistry and Test Tubes

Pure CA — No Added Solvent!

We only produce Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (CA) without added solvent to the highest quality and environmental standards. Impure CA may be cheap, but contains ingredients that are absolutely harmful to the health or “carcinogenic to human”.

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Global Network Homepage

Global Network

Over the years, we have established an international network with various affiliated establishments worldwide.

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We produce a wide variety of products using the most cutting edge materials.


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